Test format

The ILSAT will assess your language and interpretation skills through the following tests:

  • Interpretation from English into selected ILSAT language
  • Interpretation from selected ILSAT language into English
  • Sight translation from English into selected ILSATlanguage
  • Sight translation from selected ILSAT language into English

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpreting is interpreting a conversation between two or more parties who do not speak the same language. Candidates are required to switch between the two languages and interpret for each party in turn.

Your answers will be recorded and will be forwarded to the independent assessment agency where two evaluators assess the candidate’s knowledge of general vocabulary and technical terminology in English and the candidate’s other language. In addition to this, the markers will be assessing your grammar, register, audibility and your pronunciation in both languages.

Sight Translation

Sight translation is an oral translation of a written text. Candidates are presented with two texts, one in English and one in the other language. After being given sometime to prepare the candidate is required to orally translate each document.